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SOVAH was first conceived in 2008. Wayne Crowder participated in the homeless count in Falls City. During the count he interviewed 15 homeless men and women. He discovered that 6 of those 15 individuals were veterans. He knew in his heart that something needed to be done. 

He joined forces with Bill Adams and they founded an organization called Servicing Our Veterans At Home. They created an outreach to homeless veterans that included giving food and drinks, and bringing Veteran Service Officers and Counselors. They served 52 veterans in the first year.


In 2009, after changing the name to Serving Our Veterans At Home, SOVAH had received multiple requests from veterans to have a Stand Down. Wayne investigated and realized that Willamette Valley had no Stand Down and agreed to organize one. The first Stand Down had 12 providers, lunch, and a band. It totaled $200, which Wayne gladly paid out of pocket. That first Stand Down served 67 veterans on that one day. It has become an annual event for SOVAH and has grown each year. 

SOVAH still organizes the annual Stand Down as well as filling gaps in existing services. SOVAH has many programs and individual services and has impacted the lives of thousands of veterans. And we're just getting started...

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